One major lifetime goal

100. A round, a simple, a beautiful figure. A figure that is connected to a very special personal wish, probably even a dream: traveling 100 countries on our beautiful planet! This simple wish that I formulated at the age of 19 – a time where I had visited only seven countries, about what I felt grateful and happy already – means challenge, joy, euphoria, freedom, independence to me! Since that moment, I try to use every opportunity to visit new places, to meet new people, to get in touch with new cultures and local traditions, and to broaden my horizon.

Meanwhile, being 27 years old already, I had both the joy and the opportunity to visit 44 countries worldwide, including my home country Germany (June 2017: I won’t change this number on this post for being able to see a progress after starting that blog). Visiting and traveling a country for me does not mean to just drive through a country, to stop next to the road just to take a photo, and to leave after that to reach another destination but to deal with the culture, traditions, mentalities, and local habits of the visited country, to taste some local food, to visit special sites, and just to get a deeper feeling of the place.

44% of my dream have come true by now (June 2017 as said). Join me on my attempt to realize the remaining 56%! I am going to share with you all my impressions and experiences that I will have and make on my way. Especially interested in sceneries, both metropolises and nature, people, architecture, history, speciality coffee, craft beer, local food, street art, and culture in general, this blog will deal with all that and much more. Country presentations, travel advises and reviews, photos, general information, and curiosities. All for my major lifetime goal: the 100!