About me

Sebastian, 27 years old, half German, half Japanese, political science student. Based in vibrant Cologne, my second home is Tokyo. Indeed, I could have named my blog following the typical pattern, meaning for instance ‘Sebastian’s Travel Blog’ or ‘Sebastian on Tour’. So why ‘japsolut on tour’? There is a simple answer to that: It’s because the term ‘japsolut’ combines two things which I appreciate a lot and which are part of my personal life. First one is very simple: my (half) Japanese family background which I am very grateful for und through which I feel a deep connection to the country of Japan. The second thing might be surprising or even strange to some of you: it’s Absolut Vodka.

Yeap, you read right. I am actually talking about that Swedish high-percentage product and there is a meaningful reason for that. The brand Absolut Vodka is characterized by a very successful, long-term strategy that focuses on the collaboration of the brand with artists and designers from all over the world, such as Andy Warhol. My personal interest on art and design is very well adopted by Absolut Vodka which also collaborates with young, yet unknown artists to create series of limited bottles with unique designs. This is the reason I started to collect limited bottles of Absolut Vodka and I am doing so since already quite a while. A German newspaper once wrote an article about me and my collection which you can find here. There are some thousands of collectors all over the planet, and for being able to connect with them via forums, I needed a nick name at that time and voilà, the name ‘japsolut’ was invented. I know that it has nothing to do with traveling in specific but I am used to this name since so many years that I decided to adopt it for this project as well.

Mainly, there are two personal motivations why I created this blog. First, I like writing in general, secondly, I like to share my impressions and experiences with others. A nice side effect of this blog for myself is that the posts will be a great way to remember all my trips and experiences I had on my road. Indeed, by now I already finished loads of trips but I will try my best to keep up with posts about older trips. One day I hope that this blog will not only be a complete collection of my major travels but will help and inspire you to travel and to leave your comfort zone for being able to get to know our beautiful planet. However, I am aware of the fact that this is for sure not the first travel blog on earth so that I am just happy if you like any of my content. If you ever have questions about my trips, the shared impressions or other, feel free to contact me via e-mail. Hope you enjoy this blog and thank you for your visit and interest.

Sebastian alias japsolut